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Departments » Engineering » Technical Library
Engineering Department - Technical Library
City of Reedley Standard Plans & Specifications (PDF downloads)
2016 Standard Plan Book
2007 Standard Specifications

Also available below by section (PDF downloads)
2016 Storm Drain Standard Plan Drawings
2016 Street Standard Plan Drawings
2016 Landscape Irrigation Standard Plan Drawings
2015 Sewer Standard Plan Drawings
2015 Water Standard Plan Drawings
2015 Low Impact Development Standard Plans
2007 Appendix A - Sewer Pump Station
2004 Temporary Storm Drainage Basin

Application Requirements
City of Reedley Encroachment Permit Application

2007 Storm Water Quality Management Implementation Plan
2010 Urban Water Management Plan - Amended
Bicycle and Mobility Plan 2018
Final Map Submittal Checklist
Integrated Master Plan for Potable Water, Sanitary Sewer, and Storm Drainage Systems- June 2014 Sewer Technical Memorandum
New Development Plan Review Checklist
Rainfall/Intensity Chart
Reedley Municipal Code
SCADA System Master Plan
Quality Assurance Program
City of Reedley Benchmarks (PDF download)
Reedley Bench Marks
Bench Mark Map
Fresno County Section Corner Tie Book (1983)

City of Reedley Utility Plats (PDF download)
Water Plat
Storm Drain Plat
Sewer Plat
Street Light Plat
Address Map

Traffic Engineering Studies and Maps (PDF download)
Traffic Volume Counts
2004 Average Daily Traffic (ADT) Map
Radar Speed Survey and Study - 2017
Speed Limit Map
Truck Route Map

Additional Maps can be found in the Community Development Library

Solar Facility Monitoring Links
The City of Reedley has partnered with Pacific Power Renewables, Inc. to install solar arrays at City facilities to reduce ongoing utility costs. The links below show real time and historical power generation at specific sites.

Employee & Staff Links
These links are for employee time logins and employee webmail.